Creating a Web3 Gaming Ecosystem Without Limits
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The Future of Web3 Gaming
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Who we are

We are passionate advocates for the future of Web3 Gaming and dedicated builders.

We are believers in the future of Web3 Gaming and dedicated builders, pouring our hearts and minds into becoming pioneers of this emerging market.

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What we do

Fueling the future of Web3 gaming with a powerful ecosystem.

We are building an ecosystem in the Web3 Game Market, and feed this ecosystem with interoperable game factory, Eldarune and web3 gaming infrastructure, Digard.

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Eldarune is a Game Factory that builds Interoperable, medieval themed, blockchain games. Eldarune offers NFTs that can be used across multiple games. The factory is powered by the $ELDA token which is listed on ByBit(CEX) and Pancakeswap(DEX).

World of Elymnias
IDLE / PC & Mobile

Heroes of Eldarune
TCG / Browser

MOBA / PC & Mobile

Eldarune: Journey
Story / Browser

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Digard is a pioneering blockchain project that aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by providing comprehensive solutions that bridge the gap between traditional Web2 and cutting-edge Web3 technologies.

Digard's vision is to create an ecosystem where gamers, developers, and blockchain enthusiasts can seamlessly interact, trade, and collaborate, fostering a new era of decentralized and immersive gaming experiences.

$DIGA is not listed or launched anywhere. Digarcade and Digard utilize $DIGA.


Gaming Infrastructure

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Arcade Games

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